Miami Dermatologists: Selecting The Best

Dermatologists recommend that providing sufficient attention and care to the skin involves very easy procedures. For instance, washing your face twice a day and using a mild cleanser is recommended. Notably, cleansing the face very often causes the skin to dry up and get irritated. Excessive drying of the skin implies that sufficient moisture in the skin is lacking, which causes increased production of oil. The result of this is skin ailments such as acne. It is therefore advisable to adopt a routine that is recommended by the experts.


Similar to any other State, Miami residents utilize the services of dermatologists quite often. Many people are faced with skin conditions that have had a negative impact on their life. Reduced confidence levels have been witnessed among many of those with skin disorders. The good news is that dermatologists in Miami can work with you to get your skin back to normalcy. Professionals such as Dr. Oscar Hevia are based in Miami and have assisted many people overcome their skin ailments.


About Oscar Hevia

There are many dermatologists who may promise cures, but deliver nothing close to that. This is because they do not have the experience of the likes of Dr Oscar Hevia. He has specialized in the area of cosmetic dermatology. Raised in Havana, Cuba, this doctor has grown to become among the leading dermatologists in Miami today. He has been able to successfully handle diverse patients and reconstruct their faces exceptionally well. With over twenty years of clinical research and experience, patients can feel very comfortable while having the privilege to deal with a professional of this caliber. He graduated with a PHD in medicine in the year 1987 and has since then gained immense experience.

Common ailments treated by Miami Dermatologists

The skin offers protection to the body. It guards the internal organs, muscles, bones and virtually everything found in the body. Since the body highly depends on the skin, it should be given the care it deserves. The dermatologist can assist you get your skin to total health. Some of the conditions that are treated by the Miami dermatologists include:



Acne is among the most common skin condition that the dermatologists are faced with. Both adolescents and adults suffer from acne and this in turn pushes down their self esteem. Acne that goes untreated can leave scars and complications that last a lifetime. The dermatologist will analyze your condition and determine the best form of treatment for you.

Facial Veins

Facial veins are yet another common skin condition. This condition is caused by some blood vessels that are broken on the face. This in turn causes the face to have a sunburned appearance. These facial veins make the person appear much older. Most of the Miami dermatologists are well equipped to handle this condition. In some cases laser treatment or intense light treatment is recommended.

Identifying the most competent dermatologist is essential. This will not only lead to successful treatment but also save you the time and effort of trying out various treatment approaches. The services of Dr. Oscar Hevia, Miami cosmetic dermatologist, are definitely worth the try.