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Soft and Smooth Skin is Always In

There are many beauty secrets and trends that come and go. Hairstyles come in and out every season. Sometimes the bob is in, and sometimes the pixie haircut is all over the cover of magazines. Sometimes bangs are popular and sometimes braids. The same is true of clothes. Each season and its designers will decide whether long dresses, short dresses, leather, jean or bright colors are in for the season. Even makeup goes in and out of style. Pin up makeup with ruby red lips is popular sometimes, while pale and neutral colors will knock that style out the next season. But there is one beauty statement that never goes out of style. Soft and smooth skin is always in.

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Soft and smooth skin is not easy for all to achieve. Some women and men are born lucky. They are born without acne or other skin ailments that prevent their softness and smoothness from shining through. Those people don’t have to do much to keep up their complexions except to moisturize and protect from the sun. Others have a much more difficult time. They are forced to resort to medicine and skin care to get their glowing skin. Luckily Oscar Hevia has a skin care line that can correct and soothe skin. The skin care line features various cleansing and healing agents including;

Anti-Aging Cleanser

Potent Repair Serum

Luminous Day Treatment

Day & Night Eye Complex

Renewing Hand & Body Cream

Advanced Firming Treatment

Night Repair Treatment Cream

Acne Spot Treatment

Oscar Hevia’s skin care line is not just for those who have trouble perfecting their skin. The moisturizers, creams and treatments are also preventative measures. They work to make sure your skin stays supple and soft and will aid in preventing wrinkles from surfacing on the face and neck.

Soft and Smooth Skin is always in. Get soft and smooth skin now by visiting a cosmetic dermatologist or by purchasing skin care products that actually work. Your beauty is in your hands.

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Why Exfoliating is an Important Part of Your Skin Regimen

There are many people who don’t practice exfoliation when they should. Exfoliation is a skin treating routine that should be done weekly to remove dead surface skin and rejuvenate the cells on the skins surface. Exfoliation is a great way to make your skin healthier and brighter, but it can also be a simple and easy solution to many skin problems. Dirt and oil can get clogged in pores all over the body, this dirt and oil can turn into blemishes and other flaws that you don’t want to see. Exfoliation is a way to remove this and take preventative measures. There are many reason why exfoliation should be part of your summer skin regimen, here a few.

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It unclogs your pores.

Over the summer, the weather gets warmer and people are typically outside more. This means they are sweating more and are exposed to more dirt and debris blowing around. It isn’t uncommon for acne problems to flair up in the summer. By exfoliating regularly you can remove the dirt from these pores and prevent the blemishes that want to appear.

It helps with self tanning.

If you exfoliate before you add color to your skin it can help the color last longer. On almost every bottle of self tanner you will find, the directions will tell you to exfoliate well before applying. Removing the dead skin will help the tanner sink into moist and clean skin, making its effects better and last longer.

It is an anti aging regimen.

Exfoliation has been proven to make the skin look younger and smoother. Many people are worried about sun exposure during the summer because the effect it may have on their skin. If you keep exfoliating you will help the skin prevent wrinkling and damage.

These are only three reasons why you should exfoliate this summer, there are plenty more. Keeping your skin soft and supple should be a priority, for health and wellness. If you are continuing to have skin problems that exfoliation is not helping with, Oscar Hevia is a dermatologist in Miami who can help you figure out the problem. Get soft clear skin and keep it that way.