Age Appropriate Aesthetics – What Does that Mean for Our Teens?

With all the media hype around bullying and peer pressure, even teens are seeking alternatives that allow them to “fit in”.  In particular, a recent publication referenced the more than 12,000 teens who have resorted to injetables, such as BOTOX® and Dysport® to eliminate wrinkles and frown lines, noting references by the American Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

To set the record straight from my perspective, I can’t remember seeing a teenage patient who suffered from excessive frown lines or wrinkles but I do see patients who are seeking to eliminate what I consider to be somewhat embarrassing maladies, such as acne, excessive sweating, muscle cramping, migraines and blepharospasms that can result from neurological disorders.

There is undoubtedly some truth that our culture has cultivated a heightened degree of insecurity in young people, and perhaps the result is an increase in a fixation on surgically enhancing appearance at an earlier age.  However, the teen ailments I commonly treat are legitimate.  I’m a big fan of providing services to my teenage patients than can help them feel better about themselves.

One of the most common medical uses for neurotoxins, such as BOTOX® and Dysport® is to control excessive underarm sweating, which can be embarrassing for anyone but for a teen it can be humiliating.  By administering a series of injections of neurotoxin under each arm, the patient’s sweating is lessened or eliminated for up to six months or longer.

As an exclusively cosmetic dermatologist, I promote aesthetically natural beauty and if my services can undermine, or even diminish, the potential for bullying, I am all for what I consider to be teen-appropriate remedies that build self-esteem and confidence in today’s youth.  As I read the stories about the affects of bullying and the far greater degree of peer pressure teens face today, I abide by my philosophy that looking good means feeling good and feeling good about yourself promotes a healthier outlook on life.

Dr. Hevia is a renowned Miami cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in Miami aesthetic dermatology.

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