Aventura Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermatology is the study of the skin. If you have problems such as acne or extra dry skin, you would contact a dermatologist to help treat your problem. Cosmetic dermatology is the study of how to make the skin look and feel healthier. If you have problems with wrinkles or deep lines on your face, an Aventura cosmetic dermatologist can help to remove these wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. But cosmetic dermatology is not only about treating wrinkles. The field has become so advanced that cosmetic dermatologists can eliminate dead skin cells and help to rejuvenate newer, younger skin cells in your face using methods and techniques such as Aventura laser skin tightening. With all this new technology and precise strategies, cosmetic dermatologists can help to make you skin look naturally younger.


Aventura cosmetic dermatology is an alternative face beauty enhancement solution that is less expensive and and effective like plastic surgery. With plastic surgery there is a point of no return, meaning that if the plastic surgeon you hire is inexperienced or does a poor job, you may be very dissatisfied with the results. After the plastic surgery, there is no turning back, only more plastic surgery and too much plastic surgery can completely alter or even destroy your physical appearance. With cosmetic dermatology, the effects are temporary and must be maintained every 4 – 12 months depending on the type of treatment you receive. An Aventura cosmetic dermatologist can do almost anything a plastic surgeon can do and without permanently terrible results. In fact, many people have turned to cosmetic dermatology for the simple fact that it is less expensive, but just as effective as plastic surgery and they love the results.


You may have heard of Botox, the revolutionary new safe chemical that can remove wrinkles and lines from you face. The field of Aventura cosmetic dermatology utilizes this chemical and injects it under the skin into the muscles that create the particular wrinkle. The results are astonishing. With Aventura laser skin tightening procedures, a laser is used to remove the dead skin cells that rest on the face. These skin cells create the look of weathered or old skin. However, using laser skin tightening methods, a certain heated laser is used to basically peel off the old layer of skin to reveal the newer, younger and fresher looking skin underneath. After a few days of rest, your new skin cells will begin to grow and restore your face naturally leaving you looking years younger.


If you are interested in learning more about Aventura cosmetic dermatology contact an Aventura cosmetic dermatologist to find out about how your skin can be rejuvenated and restored back to its youthful look. Also, if you are considering using Aventura laser skin tightening or if you just want to know more about it, your cosmetic dermatologist can walk you through the procedure along with information on what you should know before and after the procedure.