Bal Harbor Dermal Fillers


There is no stopping the aging process, but we can try to prevent it or decrease its effects on our skin, especially on the skin of our faces. Our facial skin is one of the most important aesthetic parts of our bodies because we see it in the mirror everyday. Our facial skin plays a major role in how we perceive ourselves. As our body ages, so does our skin. We acquire wrinkles over time, creases and lines in our skin, our cheeks and lips can also even begin to thin. Many of us look for ways to treat these unwanted signs of aging with out going through a serious surgery and most of the outcomes result in cosmetic dermatology.

Cosmetic dermatology has given us ways to defy the aging process through the use of Bal Harbor dermal fillers and Bal Harbor injectable fillers. Dr. Oscar Hevia M.D., is a board certified dermatologist that specializes in cosmetic dermatology procedures in Bal Harbor. Injectable fillers and dermal fillers are used in these procedures to fight the aging process which is unique and different for every one. The following are the different types of injectable dermal fillers used to help us keep our youthful look for a bit longer then nature intended:

  • Botox is one of the most well known types of Bal Harbor injectable fillers known to most of us because it is the most common and most used everywhere. It is used to reduce and eliminate lines, creases, and wrinkles in the face by relaxing the facial muscles.
  • Dysport is also an injection procedure used to reduce the presence of wrinkles and lines in the forehead. The injection is given directly into the site of the lines or wrinkles.
  • Radiesse is a synthetic filler made up of calcium and phosphate ions which are natural in the body and help to reduce scars, creases, and wrinkles by adding collagen to the area. It also creates a semi permanent support structure for the skin. This is one of the Bal Harbor Dermal fillers that can last up to two years.
  • Restylane /Perlane is a clear synthetic gel made of a substance found in your body which eliminates an allergic reaction and is used to smooth wrinkles, sculpt and shape the face and lips, much like the Juvederm injectable gel. This is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the cosmetic dermatology world.
  • Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast is one of the first FDA- approved human collagen Bal Harbor injectable fillers which helps replace the collagen in the facial areas needed and is used to treat finer lines (cosmoderm) and deep set creases and wrinkles (cosmoplast).

There are many more cosmetic dermatology filler procedures available to choose from. Bal Harbor dermal fillers, injectable fillers and many more of these cosmetic dermatology procedures are temporary and last for only about six months, so you will eventually have to go through more than just one procedure for touch ups when needed. Finding an experienced board certified trained cosmetic dermatologist helps ensure you will get the best results out of your investment to achieve that radiant youthful look longer. These modern procedures help improve those of us having trouble with our self esteem and help us stand up against the signs of aging.