Best Botox Miami

Botox (or OnabotulinumtoxinA) is a very interesting chemical that is used to help treat skin problems. The chemical Botox, when used in specific dosage amounts, can treat certain problems – one problem being the cosmetic problem known as wrinkled skin.

The best Botox Miami dermatologists receive approximately 3-4 years of training, not including the 1-2 additional years of residency or training at an actual dermatologist facility. Due to their advanced training, they can safely administer the Botox chemical in a way that it can create the appearance of younger looking skin.

There have been stories of people throwing what is called Botox parties where people get together and attempt to replicate the Botox injection procedure in their own homes. Since these people are not professionally trained dermatologists, the Botox Treatments Miami residents administered themselves left a number of people suffering the symptoms of botulism.

It is important to know that YOU SHOULD NEVER participate in Botox Parties and if you ever decide to undergo Botox treatments, be sure that you seek only an experienced and board certified Botox Miami specialist or Dermatologist. You greatly increase the chances of destroying your health if you choose to receive medical or cosmetic treatment by a non-professional.

The Botox treatments Miami residents receive are usually done by highly experienced medical professionals and dermatologists. Because the demand on physical beauty is so great in the Miami, Florida area, it is only natural that the cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists are the best in the nation in cosmetic treatments.

So, if you are wondering whether or not Botox is a dangerous chemical, the answer is: only if it is in the hands of inexperienced medical professionals. Cosmetic Dermatologists are trained to safely administer injections of the chemical Botox. The specific amounts of Botox usage as well as the specific area of injections in the facial muscles by an experienced cosmetic dermatologist can yield effective results of smoother younger looking skin without unnecessary risks.