Botox Injections Miami

Botox is a famous prescription medicine that is used to provide a more youthful appearance to those suffering from lines and wrinkles. If you are considering eliminating unwanted lines and wrinkles on your face, you may consider Botox as an option. Botox works, not by adding volume to the skin, but rather by stopping the facial muscles from contracting. Botox is a simple procedure that should always be administered by a board certified professional.

There are a few alternatives to Botox, all of which should be discussed with a professional dermatologist prior to treatment.

Botox Miami History

Introduced in the 80’s, Botox was originally approved for treating muscle disorders. Its cosmetic benefits, through Botox injections, didn’t occur until 2002 when is was approved by the FDA to treat moderate to severe frown lines, ever since Botox has been a top nonsurgical procedure in the United States. Botox Miami has also seen impressive growth, becoming a hotspot for Botox in the southeast.

Botox Uses

Botox is often used to eliminate frown lines, furrows, and crow’s feet in addition to more medical problems such as spasms, issues surrounding eye coordination, and migraines.

Botox is different than cosmetic fillers like Sculptra and Juvederm because it does not add volume to the skin. Instead, Botox injections Miami blocks acetylcholine, which is the chemical that causes muscles to contract. Without the muscles contracting, the wrinkles fade. You can expect to see results with a week after your treatment. The results will remain for a minimum of three months.

The Botox injections Miami procedure is a simple one and should always be done at a board certified doctor’s office. Anesthesia is administered. There may be a slight discomfort associated with the shot. However the injections are typically painless.

Botox Alternatives

Some of the alternatives to Botox include Restylane, cosmoderm, and Aluma skin tightening. Your doctor may also recommend a laser photorejuvination.

Before You Choose Botox

Make sure that you are speaking to a board certified Doctor, preferrably a dermatologist who can make sure that you are a good candidate for Botox.

Botox Injections Miami – Dr. Hevia

Dr. Hevia,  is a board certified dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic dermatology and is a Miami Botox specialist. He is an expert injector and renowned internationally for his phenomenal skill. Specifically, he is known for providing incredibly natural cosmetic results with minimal to no discomfort.

Dr. Hevia specializes in injectables and can bring his expertise to you, providing you with a variety of options for your care. There are quite a few ways to remove unwanted wrinkles and lines from your face. Botox, being a popular method is certainly one of the choices that you have. By speaking to Dr. Hevia, you will learn about all of the alternate methods you may wish to discover that will also help you remove those unwanted lines and wrinkles in different ways. For more information, be sure to call Dr. Hevia at 305-670-3050

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