Coral Gables Cosmetic Dermatology

Where Diet and Exercise Fail


Through exercise and diet you can achieve great health, not only physical, but also mental. Exercise is a great way to release our stressful energy, the energy we normally accumulate throughout the day. The energy in our bodies is stored for us to use. If we use this energy to worry, we damage our minds and bodies, but if we use this energy to build muscle, gain cardiovascular health, or to stretch the body so that it is more flexible, then we use that energy for something positive. Eating healthy is also important because certain foods provide us with certain vitamins and minerals that help to create this energy.


Not only do we look good when we exercise and diet, but we feel good as well. However, sometimes, even with vigorous exercise and a healthy diet regiment, we can not achieve the physical appearance we so desire, especially in the face. But, with the help of science of Coral Gables cosmetic dermatology, you can enhance the beauty of your face by using the latest state of the art technology and safe chemicals in order to naturally stimulate your cells to create a beautiful appearance.


Dr. Oscar Hevia, your Coral Gables cosmetic dermatologist, can provide you with the information on how to make your face look the way you want it to. There are so many different face beauty enhancing techniques to choose from. Laser skin tightening uses a small laser to tighten or contract the skin so that it can look more youthful. Through the science of Coral Gables Cosmetic dermatology, scientists have found out that using a laser that is safe on the skin, you can tighten up saggy skin areas around the face and neck without having to undergo costly and painful plastic surgery methods.


After the Coral Gables laser skin tightening procedure, you will see results. The Laser skin tightening procedure costs less than plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can be quite frightening because you run the risk of destroying your physical appearance if the plastic surgeon is inexperienced – and those results are permanent. If you have you dislike the results of your plastic surgery, there is no going back. But with the Coral Gables laser skin tightening, it is a more simple and forgiving solution to the problem of aging and drooping skin.


Your Coral Gables Cosmetic Dermatologist can provide you with more information on how to enhance your beauty. You can feel better about yourself after noticing that your physical appearance can be brought back. Cosmetic dermatology has come a long way and no longer do we have to worry or dislike the way we look. Where exercise and diet fail, we can count on the science and methods of Coral Gables Cosmetic Dermatology to help us see our life from a new perspective.