Dysport® – An Effective Alternative to BOTOX® (Dysport®- Una Alernativa Eficaz a BOTOX®)

Often, when a new product comes to market it is a derivative of, or contains the same ingredients as, a product that is already in use.  Such is the case with Dysport® (pronounced diss-port). 

It is very similar to BOTOX®, both being produced from botulinum toxin type A.  Until Dysport® was approved by the FDA in 2009 for use in the United States, BOTOX® enjoyed an exclusive run and because of its proven effectiveness, BOTOX® has virtually become a household word as people have found this wrinkle eraser to be a viable answer to warding off the tell tale signs of aging.  However, Dysport® has been used outside of the US for many years, under the name of Reloxin, so it has had an established track record for consistent results as well.

Dysport Before photo


After Dysport®

I have always preferred to do my own research rather than depending on outside feedback from pharmaceutical reps and I decided to do some comparisons between Dysport® and BOTOX®.  And, just like the war of the colas – some like Pepsi and some like Coke – my research determined that BOTOX® was winning the initial round simply because it had been available in the US market longer and had no competition.

Over the past few years, Dysport® has gained momentum.  Recently, a University of California, San Francisco, 30 day study enrolled 90 patients to compare the respective powers of each in erasing those unwanted lines of aging around the eyes known as “crow’s feet.

“One month after treatment, on a two-to-one preference basis, patients picked Dysport® over BOTOX® in terms of wrinkle improvement,” said one study co-author Dr. Corey S. Maas, an associate clinical professor at UCSF.

Being both a researcher and a practicing physician gives me insight into how study results apply to the real world.  In my experience of treating almost 1,000 patients with Dysport® and many more with BOTOX®, I have not seen any real preference by my patients for one or the other. They do like, however, the option of a lower cost alternative to BOTOX® without compromising on safety or results. In my field, whenever a new filler or neurotoxin, like Dysport® or BOTOX®, enters the market, there are always “rumors and innuendos” among competing companies about what the new product does or doesn’t do.  I ignore all that and stick to the scientific data, and then determine on my own if this new product will benefit my patients.

I recommend Dysport® to my colleagues because physicians often shy away from new products, mostly because they have to adjust their technique and/or learn how to use the new product optimally and safely.  I am always looking for better products and I test new products because I know my patients trust me to do just that and they need to leave my office knowing they have received the best possible results.  Such is the case with Dysport®.

Dr. Hevia is a Miami cosmetic dermatologist with extensive experience with injectables. His ongoing experience with Miami cosmetic dermatology makes him an expert in the field and a trusted name in the Miami area.

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