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What to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Fabulous-looking skin that is tight, tanned and smooth is a characteristic that can drop jaws and turn heads, but not if you are covered in hair. To look good these days, all it takes is time, effort and tender loving care for your body. Like anything if we put time and effort into it, we will get results and see the reward and so when you put care into your appearance, you begin to love the way you look, and more importantly, you begin to love yourself. Miami laser hair removal treatments are effective and affordable and if you are interested in the procedure, here are some anwers to commonly asked questions.

How effective is Laser Hair Removal?

The Miami laser hair removal process is not a one-time, permanent, 100% hair removal technique. Sometimes, it takes multiple visits to remove your unwanted hair, but the results are amazing. There is an approximate 60% decrease in the amount of hair after about three laser hair treatments. Professionals will say that these three laser hair treatments should be given six weeks apart. Of course, everyone’s hair and skin are different and so these procedures may be different with each case. These are all just basic statistics on the effectiveness of the laser hair removal process. If you want to know more, speak with a laser hair removal specialist and discuss with the doctor what is best recommended for your case.

What to do Before Undergoing the Laser Hair Removal Process?

You want to do your research and find out about the laser treatment specialist who will be conducting the procedure. Do this by scheduling an interview. Here are some things you want to find out before undergoing the laser hair removal process:

  • Find out the doctor's experience and ask him or her how many patients the doctor has treated.
  • Discuss with the doctor what type of results you should be expecting.
  • Remember that the doctor is here to serve you and so think of it as you are hiring this professional to offer a service. Be sure you are comfortable with the doctor and that you have trust in him or her.

Miami cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Hevia, is an excellent choice for laser treatment in Miami. He has years of experience, is very candid about results, and offers the highest level of professionalism and expertise to every patient.