Miami Aesthetic Dermatology

When it is cared for, nourished and loved, the human body has the most beautiful shape compared to all that was ever created.  Strangely enough, there is no single look or shape we could pinpoint or identify as the most beautiful.  People of different nationalities, hair types and skin tones have sexy and strikingly unique features that each redefines the definition of beauty.

Walk the streets of Miami Beach and you will notice countless beautiful faces and gorgeous bodies. Down in Miami, they have definitely learned to appreciate the human form, so much so that it has become a part of their lifestyle. Great looks don’t always come naturally, and in the end, it’s not really the look we are trying to achieve, it’s the confidence, the love for our own bodies, and the inner beauty that we all wish for. And sometimes, it takes some outward enhancement to achieve this mindset.  Consider Miami Aesthetic Dermatology as a non-surgical option to achieve the look you are desiring.

Miami Aesthetic Dermatology is a field of medicine that combines science with art. Using highly advanced laser treatments and safe chemical combinations, aesthetic dermatologists can help you achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of – and minus the complicated and sometimes dangerous surgical procedures. Face lifts, eye brow lifts and other painful surgical procedures are now replaced using liquid facelifts and dermal fillers which are used to sculpt, tighten and gently enhance the contour lines of your skin. Working in combination with Botox, dermal fillers can also be used to effectively fill in the low volume areas of your face like the dark circles around the eyes and cheeks.

Laser treatments have been used to safely remove birthmarks from infants and eliminate more serious skin blemishes like vascular lesions. Spider veins, angioma, hemangiomas, port wine stains and red spots on the skin can all be removed using laser treatments. Lasers have also been used to tighten the loose sagging extra skin that is often times the result of loosing a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Within the field of Miami Aesthetic Dermatology, this procedure is known as lypotherme. Through the use of heat, laser treatment therapy even helps your body to naturally increase collagen levels resulting in new and fresh looking skin free of wrinkles and lines.

Dr. Hevia, Miami Aesthetic dermatology expert, can help you achieve the look that you are envisioning non-surgically and with great results.

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