Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist

There are many different things that can contribute to healthy skin. All people have different complexions, but your complexion can also tell a lot about the health of your skin. Many people do not realize that the color of your skin can signify the different nutrients and vitamins that your body has an abundance of or sometimes is missing. Many times when women have fair skin, it can be a sign of anemia. Anemia takes the pink color out of women’s skin and can signify that your body lacks the iron to make enough hemoglobin to bring color to your skin. On the other hand, those with darker skin which is exposed more to the sun have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Even if you are only in the sun during the summer months, you are still at risk. You should be comfortable in your own skin, but you should also be careful.

There are many safe ways to make your skin look healthier, but there are also ways that can have negative effects. Many peope think tan skin looks healthy, but if that tan skin is from harmful UV rays, it can lead to wrinkles, prematurely aging skin and even skin cancer. Help yourself and prevent these things before they happen. If they do happen, there are answers. There are solutions when your skin has been damaged. Oscar Hevia a Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist can help when your skin has been damaged. He not only specializes in injectables Miami residents love but also works with skin repair. He can work with scar revision, skin cancer therapy or just help you simply get rid of the wrinkles that overexposure may have caused.

One very popular form of wrinkle repair is Botox. Botox has become more popular over the years and is used by over 800,000 women a year. It is a safe and easy procedure and can either repair wrinkles that come with age or wrinkles that may have been caused by overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Wrinkles can come from a variety of different reasons. Overexposure to the sun is obviously one of them, but wrinkles can be caused by genetics, aging, and things like alcohol abuse. Sometimes wrinkles are able to be prevented, but if they are not able to be prevented, Oscar Hevia has injectables that can easily diminish the appearence of these fine lines.

Oscar Hevia, a leading Miami cosmetic dermatologist, has decades of experience in injectables Miami residents and those all around the country can use to fix their lines and wrinkles. Whether your wrinkles are caused from the sun, aging or anything other reason, there is an easy solution. Visit to find out more about the possibilities.