Miami Top Cosmetic Dermatologist Provides Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

We all dread the effects of the natural aging process and if you live in Miami, it is difficult not to become self conscious. Although the effects of aging are inescapable, there are things we can do to actually slow down aging. A specific diet rich in antioxidants and daily exercise are the best ways to keep ward off disease and illness and maintain a healthy body and mind.

However, even though we can be dedicated to a strict healthy diet and routine exercise, sometimes our physical appearance can still show signs of aging. Instead of resorting to cosmetic surgery, these days we are lucky enough to be able to choose an alternative form of cosmetic surgery, like Botox, that can produce almost identical results. If you are wondering where to get Botox in Miami, look for a Miami top cosmetic dermatologist that specializes in alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there are potential risk factors that may cause extremely dangerous side effects to your health and sometimes, they can even lead to death. One danger of cosmetic surgery comes from the anesthesia required for the operation. The incorrect dosage of anesthesia or an allergic reaction to anesthesia can lead to serious health problems and even death. But, if you decide to get cosmetic surgery, know that allergic reactions to anesthesia are rare, and if you have an experienced surgeon conduct the operation, you are less likely to experience any negative effects.

Another problem with cosmetic surgery is the risk of nerve damage. There have been cases where a doctor’s attempt to hide scars by doing things like making incisions on the hair line, which accidentally le d to the severing of important nerves that control certain facial muscles. Nerve damage could lead to permanent disfigurement or the inability to control or use specific muscles. Again, to decrease the chances of negative effects resulting from surgery, make sure your surgeon is highly experienced and licensed.

If you are looking for alternative methods to cosmetic surgery, you have a number of options – just ask your Miami dermatologist. The most famous alternative to cosmetic surgery today is Botox, a muscle numbing agent that helps to noticeably remove wrinkles and lines from problem areas like around the mouth and eyes. There are also other forms of injectibles and fillers that when used together can rejuvenate your facial appearance by creating younger looking smooth skin. Fillers are a gel-like substance that actually melts with your skin tissue to fill in deep lines and wrinkles. These alternatives to cosmetic surgery are proven safe and effective when used correctly. However, what you want to do before signing up for the procedure, you want to consult a Miami dermatologist who will provide you with information on patients who might have a risk factor for negative side effects, one being if you are a smoker and over the age of 35. So, before turning to cosmetic surgery, do your research and visit dermatologists in the area and talk to them about what procedures are best for you.

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