Non Surgical Eye Treatments

There are a variety of non surgical eye treatments that will reduce the signs of aging around the eyes. The majority of these non surgical options offer patients a more youthful and vital look. Some of the best non surgical treatments include BOTOX® Cosmetic, JuvÉderm® , latisse®, and Obagi®.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles through injections applied to specific areas by trained professionals. Using Botox to remove crow’s feet, the lines that develop in the outer corner of one’s eyes, is a common non surgical treatment that provides a more youthful appearance through smoothing the lines around the eyes. Botox is made from a purified protein and is a very common solution to crow’s feet and various other lines and facial wrinkles.

JuvÉderm® Injectable Gel

Juvéderm, much like Botox, is also an injectable eye treatment that helps eliminate the prominence of fine lines and wrinkles of the face. Juvéderm not only is used to eliminate lines around the eyes, but can also be used to reverse other signs of aging such as loosening skin and thinning lips.

Latisse® Solution

Latisse™ can help you have natural looking eyelashes that grow fuller, longer, and darker. This FDA approved treatment has been shown to improve the appearance of eyelashes through bimatoprost, the active ingredient. Current research suggests that bimatoprost aids in creating more eyelash hair as well as increasing the amount of growth, resulting in a full set of natural looking eyelashes.

In only four short weeks, the effects of Latisse are visible, complete results appear after sixteen weeks. Rare side effect of using this non surgical eye treatment include itching, redness or dryness in the eye area.


Obagi products include toners, eye creams, serums, sunscreens, cleansers, and more. Obagi products are separated into different systems, which are designed for specific ski types.

  • Obagi NuDerm works best with wrinkled or dry skin, helping to moisturize, soften, and smooth damaged and rough skin.
  • Obagi ClenziDerm is perfect for those of you who suffer from acne and are looking for a healthy solution. Clenziderm can help you not only clear up the acne you currently have, but it can also help prevent future breakouts.
  • Obagi ElasiDerm is a phenomenal non surgical treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping to restore elasticity,

As you can see, there truly are a variety of non surgical eye treatments that can help you achieve the beauty that you desire, while still giving you the peace of mind knowing that you will not have to worry about surgical complications or surgical results that you are not happy with. Be sure to speak with Dr. Hevia, cosmetic dermatologist Miami trusts regarding which eye treatment is right for you. With his extensive knowledge of non surgical eye treatments, he will be sure to set you on the best possible course of treatment for your needs.

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