Top Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist – Dr. Hevia

If you are living in Miami Beach, you are surrounded by beautiful faces and gorgeous bodies. The level of aesthetics regarding the human form is greatly appreciated and has actually become a way of life. Moreover, did you know that the developments in the field of cosmetic dermatology are so advanced that you can achieve your desired look without having to undergo complicated and sometimes dangerous surgical procedures?

With the use of pulsating lasers and safe and effective chemical treatments, dermatologists can now achieve amazing, precise and beautiful results. Of course, these procedures don’t matter unless they are done by a top Miami cosmetic Dermatologist – and if you live in Miami, he/she might not be too difficult to find. Experienced cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Hevia is an excellent choice given his years of experience, state of the art equipment, and long track record of success.

Laser Procedures

Using pulsating lasers, a wide range of skin problems can be repaired. Laser treatment therapy sessions have the ability to remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, rejuvenating the skin, and even tightening the skin. For those people who have lost a lot of weight and find themselves having to deal with sagging extra skin – remarkably – treatments like the laser skin tightening procedure can actually help to trim down this extra skin! It’s almost like liposuction, but without the dangerous and complicated surgical procedure.

Once removed, your body immediately produces natural and noticeably fresh, new, glowing skin cells. Other more serious blemishes can also be eliminated using laser treatments. Vascular lesions, like spider veins and angioma cause unpleasant red spots on the skin, but they can now be removed using pulsating lasers. Lasers have also been used to safely remove birthmarks from infants.

Furthermore, patients treated with lasers have the added benefit of a comfortable and virtually painless recovery period. The common after effects of laser treatment are redness of the skin, blistering, and slightly swollen skin. All these side effects last for only a brief period of time, and unless you simply don’t want to be seen in public with these minor side effects, you can return to work almost immediately.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers include collagen, fat, hyaluronic acid, and other materials that are used to fill in those dark low volume areas on the face like those commonly found around the eyes and cheeks. The chemical Botox is commonly used to tighten skin on specific areas of the face.  Recently, there has been a discovery of new dermal fillers that safely work in combination with Botox to achieve more natural and longer lasting results. These dermal fillers and chemical combinations are safe as long as you hire a top Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist, like Dr. Hevia.

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