Under Eye Treatment Miami

Dermatology is a branch of medicine that deals with the skin. Many dermatologists today are trained and certified in the field of cosmetic dermatology and so they have experience in using Botox, fillers, laser treatment and can also perform liposuction, blepharoplasty, and face lift procedures. Most of these procedures are minimally invasive and are usually performed for aesthetic reasons.

Cosmetic dermatology’s popularity has dramatically increased over the last ten years. We can not control the way our bodies’ age and not all of us age gracefully, so cosmetic surgery can be an alternative in maintaining a young and youthful appearance. With the rise in popularity and the change in the outlook of cosmetic surgery, the medical field has made significant technological advances and changes that can help the results of the treatments and procedures last for months without the risks that major plastic surgery carries.

Non-surgical eye treatments are available for patients that experience wrinkles, bags, or dark circles around their eyes. There are now fifteen minute non-surgical eyelift procedures available that involve using a small amount of filler product placed in the lower eyelid to help rejuvenate the eye lid skin. Cosmetic dermatologists use under eye treatment Miami fillers called restylane. Restylane is a clear synthetic gel that is made with hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found in the body. It has the ability to easily bind with water and it can remain in your skin for many months and with this chemical there is no post procedure down time.

Thermolift is one of the newest non-surgical eye treatments that use radio frequencies to lift and tighten sagging skin around the eyes.  The entire procedure takes less than an hour and patients do not experience any down time. Many medical professionals will say that this procedure is one of the best alternatives to plastic surgery. This type of surgery is ideal for younger, less sagging, wrinkled skin.

Blepharoplasty is another under eye treatment Miami certified cosmetic dermatologists use to modify the eye lids using surgery. Extra tissue, skin and fat around the eye are repositioned or removed and surrounding tendons and muscles are reinforced. This surgery is done to reduce the amount of sagging, wrinkly unwanted skin and improve the puffy bags under the eyes. The operation can take one to three hours with swelling and bruising of the eyes lasting about two weeks. In addition, it can take a few months for the eye to fully heal and for you to be able to see the full affect of the surgery.

These days, if you are considering enhancing your aesthetic appearance through cosmetic dermatology, there are many non-surgical eye procedures to choose from. The risks associated with the procedures like laser treatments, creams or fillers should all be considered before signing up for cosmetic surgery. But today, with the technological advances in cosmetic dermatologists, you can get the results you want with out automatically having to go under the knife making these procedures safer and less painful with little to no recovery time. If you are in the Miami area, consider speaking with someone from Dr. Hevia's clinic, Dr. Hevia is a renowned Miami cosmetic dermatologist.