A Meaningful Melon – By Top Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist

There’s been a lot of buzz about Cindy Crawford’s beauty secret – a line of skin products called “Meaningful Beauty”. As the story goes, French (via Algiers) cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sebagh discovered the secret ingredient in a melon grown in southern France. Reportedly, an average melon will spoil much quicker than the lucky melon from Southern France. Why? This rare melon contains the antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). This doctor’s observations led to his collaboration with former super-model Cindy Crawford and the incorporation of this ingredient in Cindy’s “meaningful beauty” line.

Website photos comparing Cindy at age 28 to age 43 certainly suggest that she has “spoiled” very little, if at all, in 15 years, although it’s not clear how long she’s been using this product line over those 15 years.
Meaningful creams aside, the agelessness in her photos resonate with me. My goal with every patient is to capture the essence of youthfulness and make time stand still. As I accomplish that goal, patients hold onto their original looks. No need for alteration, just preservation of what’s natural, even after 15 years, or more. Incredibly, this can be accomplished with the artistic and strategic use of fillers and injectibles such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and DysportTM. Of course, the patient needs to make lifestyle choices – such as stabilizing weight, exercising, avoiding exposure to sun and yes, maybe even the use of an antioxidant or two – that promote healthy skin.

I’m not sure that Cindy Crawford’s outstanding preservation has resulted from her use creams, even those that contain the powerful antioxidant SOD. It is true that antioxidants – which are abundantly present in nature – are a very important defense against the destruction and aging of cells that occurs from exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, as we age we lose antioxidants and our skin is more vulnerable to the damaging rays so it makes sense to use them in our skin products.

In this story, the SOD is derived from a plant source, i.e., a melon. I’m not sure that the plant antioxidant is going to work as intended in a human, but it’s certainly worth a try. As for Cindy, I have a hunch the SOD had another ally to keep her youthful looks: genetics!

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