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Bothered by extra fullness beneath your chin? Sometimes, even with diet or exercise, the unwanted fullness beneath your chin may not go away.  Board certified and top cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Oscar Hevia, performs the new FDA-approved Kybella, to diminish your double chin.

When injected into the fat beneath the chin, Kybella permanently destroys fat cells. Your body’s natural metabolism then processes the fat cleared from the treatment area. Once the fat cells are gone, you’re left with a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin. Results can be noticed with as little as one treatment with minimal downtime.

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Kybella double chin before and after

Botox Miami | What are the benefits?

botox miami

Botox has become a very popular cosmetic procedure, with nearly three hundred thousand Botox injections performed in 2009 alone. Botox, or botulinum toxin, has been shown to help rejuvenate the skin and make fine lines and wrinkles appear to vanish. This is one more example of science taking something harmful and turning it to a beneficial use in the human body.

Some of the benefits of Botox Miami dermatologists note are the erasure of wrinkles and fine lines. You may know that you have nerves throughout your entire body. When the nerves under your skin release a chemical called acetylcholine, it triggers the muscles in the area to contract. Botox works by stopping the nerves from releasing this chemical, causing the skin over the muscle to relax. By inhibiting the release of acetylcholine, Botox works directly to kelp smooth out wrinkles, especially on the face and forehead.

Botox can also be used to treat certain cosmetic conditions and nuisances such as eyelid spasms. By effectively paralyzing the muscles responsible for these reflexes on a very localized level, the toxin eliminates wrinkles and lines. The effects often become noticeable within a week, and have been reported to last from three to six months. Surprisingly, Botox has also been approved for the treatment of eye spasm and migraine headaches, and is being studied as a possible treatment for a number of joint and spasmodic disorders such as cerebral palsy and some forms of osteoarthritis.

While Botox is a highly useful toxin with a wide variety of applications, there are certain common-sense rules you should follow when receiving Botox injections. Perhaps you’ve heard of Botox parties, where people get together at someone’s home and someone administers Botox. While this sounds great on the surface, Botox has risks like any other medicine and should never be administered by anyone who is not a trained dermatologist, to minimize the risks and possible side effects. Low-quality or improperly prepared Botox can be very dangerous, but only a doctor will be able to tell you with any degree of certainty which Botox preparations can be used safely.

Like any other medicine, Botox has a wide array of benefits when used correctly. In the hands of a doctor trained in cosmetic dermatology Miami trusts, Botox is extremely useful and beneficial to help you look and feel your best. Contacting a trained cosmetic dermatologist is your first step to determining if Botox is the right choice for you.

Great Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist

One of the main problems people have with their body as they age is wrinkles. Wrinkles appear on everyone’s face, no one can escape from dreaded wrinkles. It a stage that every man and women goes through at some point, the first time they are looking in the mirror and see wrinkles starting to form on their forehead and face. Sometimes it happens to people when they are young. Some people can start to see wrinkles forming in their early 20s, other people do not see signs of wrinkles until later on their life.

Whenever wrinkles start to appear it is something that stresses people out and usually makes them uncomfortable with their appearance. The good thing about wrinkles is that they can be treated easily by professionals. There are many different procedures that can help get rid of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Miami cosmetic dermatologist Oscar Hevia specializes in Botox Miami.  Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist Oscar Hevia has years of experience providing women and men with the care they need to stay feeling and looking young. Just a simple procedure like Botox can help women and men feel ten years younger.

 His procedures are non invasive and do not require painful surgeries. He gives you the results you want with a short recovery time and minimal discomfort. People no longer have to live with wrinkles or unwanted lines on their face. Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist Oscar Hevia can work to make sure you are wrinkle free. Don’t dread the first day you see those wrinkles appear, just know that there is a solution.

Beauty Secrets before slipping on your new shoes

Did you know that wearing shoes with high heels can cause undue pressure on the legs and constrict blood flow back to the heart? This can then result in varicose veins in your legs and feet.

TIP #1 – Rid yourself of unwanted spider/varicose veins to give your legs a smooth appearance:

Asclera, the latest FDA approved treatment is a sclerosant and medical application to treat uncomplicated spider veins found in the leg, foot or ankle. Proven to be more effective, less painful and does not carry some of the risks of traditional treatments.

How can I reduce and/or eliminate spider veins:
Asclera joins hypertonic saline, as another option for minimizing the appearance of spider veins. Unlike hypertonic saline, Asclera treatments do not produce a painful stinging sensation or predispose to the rare risk of ulceration.

How long does it take to see results:
Clearing of the spider veins is seen 1-2 months after treatment and most patients need 3-4 treatments for total clearing.

How much does it cost:
The cost per treatment is generally around $500.

TIP #2 – Tired Feet? Try Botox in your soles…and now your toes for more cushion:
Fillers are injected (by some podiatrists) into the heels of the feet for heel pain, which is definitely aggravated by high heels! This often times includes silikon, (as well as other non-permanent fillers.) Lately women have shown insecurities about their toes, which can be fixed by plumping with fillers, for those long, skinny toes. It also helps for comfort when seeking closed-toe shoes

Transitioning to Cool Weather

It is vital to care for your skin all year around, but, it is also important to know how to protect it when the seasons change. One of the most crucial times is the changing from summer to fall. The dramatic weather changes from hot to cold can ultimately dry out and break your skin.

Hevia Cosmetic Dermatology’s Dr. Bernard Cohen, board certified dermatologist who specializes in sun damage, skin cancer, and skin surgery offers 6 Tips on Keeping a Healthy Glow from Summer to Fall:

Hydrate Yourself: It is always important to drink water every day, but it plays an even bigger role in the fall and winter months. Water helps the body cleanse and detoxify itself disposing of all waste that’s bad for your skin. Water can also help to replenish the moisture lost from all those summer activities (swimming in chlorine water, swimming in salt water, standing in the sun, etc.) back into the skin.

Switch from Lotion to Cream: During summer most people where lotion because its light, during the colder months, it might not work as well. Creams are generally a little heavier than lotions. Creams provide an additional barrier to help keep moisture inside the body and help protect against the extreme cool temperatures. Creams also tend to be oilier than lotions. If you have oily skin and not really up to using creams, try a lotion that’s specially made for the fall and winter months.

Hands and Feet: Always apply moisturizer after washing your hands. This can prevent any wrinkles, discoloration, or cracking on your hands. Your hands are the mostly used body part and can become dry and ashy really fast, so it’s vital to pay constant attention to them.

Lips: Your lips are almost always exposed, so they necessitate extra and particular attention. Lips can become easily dry and brittle in the cold weather. Try to stay away from petroleum based balms; some say they have a result of drying the lip. I personally use Burt’s Beeswax, it’s smooth and won’t dry out as fast.

Use Sunscreen: Even though there is not as much sun in the fall as in summer, UV rays are still in effect and cause major damage. An SPF of 15 filters out 93 percent of UVB, SPF 30 filters out 97 percent and SPF 50 98 percent and apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of your skin not only to your face including the back of your hands, décolleté, the top of your feet.

Exfoliate Your Skin: Exfoliating your skin can help your pores breathe and oxygenate your skin. It also removes dead skin from your body to help make it feel tons loads smoother.