Dr. Hevia has always maintained a strong affinity to academic medicine.
He is always researching and studying the latest ingredients in skin care.

Procedures that are challenging for the inexperienced are simple and remarkably effective in the hands of a true professional such as Dr. Hevia.  In a career spanning two decades, he has spent years honing his skills and developing his expertise with facial-care fillers, injectables, as well as with other related services and products.

Dr. Hevia has not only proven their effectiveness through in-depth research, he has often conducted – on behalf of universities or product-developers – the very rigorous and independent clinical trials which proved a given treatment’s effectiveness.  As a result, his patients receive a well-rounded approach to their overall appearance and consistently satisfying appearances.

As investigator for numerous studies over the past two decades, Dr. Hevia sets the standard for innovative trends in the anti-aging and rejuvenation markets – both with procedural products and skin care.  He has concluded that “anti-aging” is hardly the proper description – he prefers “refreshing, rejuvenating and restoring” – to bring out, for each patient, her natural beauty.

Dr. Hevia is well respected among pharmaceutical companies for his willingness to participate in clinical trials – they know that he consistently looks for better ways to approach his specialty, including better products and services.

As a result, he bypasses the media hype and prescribes products and procedures that are best suited to his patients’ needs.