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Hevia Center for Research

One of the overwhelming characteristics that affirms Hevia Cosmetic Dermatology as the premier dermatology clinic in the United States is the founder’s passion, curiosity and drive to research, discover, and develop new applications, products and treatments in the study of dermatology and in the fight and prevention of aging.

The Hevia Center for Research is a multiple-functional investigative program, dedicated to revolutionizing the world of cosmetic dermatology- thus establishing The New Standard in AestheticsDr. Hevia and his staff explore, examine, study, analyze and document research establishing Hevia as a pioneer in the industry.

Findings acquired through the Hevia Center for Research has resulted in Dr. Hevia becoming known as a key opinion leader in the world of Cosmetic Dermatology.  He is instrumental in providing pharmaceutical companies with new ways to implement injectables, and is recruited by the pharmaceuticals to share these findings with fellow doctors, treatment centers and educational institutions.

The multi-discipline research center includes;

  1. Periodical reviews – research and review of professional literature regarding the field of cosmetic dermatology, new products, procedures and applications
  2. Applied Research – modifying the application and formulation of existing products to arrive at a greater benefit
  3. Discovery – unearthing an innovative means to implement injectables
  4. Consumer Studies – testing, ranking and evaluation of established over-the-counter skin care products
    • Conducting blind studies with existing patient base
    • Ranking the products for validity of claims
    • Evaluation of contents of ingredients
  5. Consumer Interest Studies – These studies are conducted to validate or debunk common myths regarding human activity and the aging process by utilizing a combination of resources for medical analysis. Resources include photographs, Vectra 3-D imagery and patient history recovered from the organizations database.
    • Sample study case: One side of an individual’s face requires more procedures than the other side: because it is the side they sleep on.
  6. Publishing – Submission of fact based articles for peer review journals.
  7. Case Reports – Extensive reporting on rare cases
    • Reactions to injectables due to specific medications making patients vulnerable to complications
  8. Clinical Trials – Dr. Hevia has conducted numerous clinical trials for pharmaceutical and injectable-treatment companies seeking FDA approval for their products or devices.