Get Rid of those Pesky Spider Veins

002c9878e8f390da99ccffc6c14fc354Overwhelmingly, Miami was named the No. 1 best-looking city by Travel + Leisure magazine. There must be something to this tropical town.  The southern tourist spot is a main stop-over for beautiful models (who, let’s not kid, seem to be bred in Florida, the Caribbean and South America). If you live in Miami you know that one of your best assets are your legs. Some women may hit the gym religiously but if these pesky spider veins creep up on you no need to fret, Sclerotherapy may be just what the doctor ordered.

Spider veins are tiny dilated capillaries, typically in red or blue-ish color. They can be short unconnected lines or come together in a spiderweb-like pattern just under the surface of the skin. Spider Veins are most common on the thighs, the backs of the calves, the insides of the legs, and the ankles, but sometimes they even appear on the face. Spider veins are often hereditary (but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about them!) and are common in pregnancy, puberty and menopause.

Other Common causes for Spider Veins:

  1. Prolonged standing, especially combined with over-weight.
  2. Obesity
  3. Taking birth control pills
  4. History of blood clots.
  5. Wearing tight hosiery
  6. Circulation problems.

Trust your legs to one of Miami’s elite board certified cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Oscar Hevia. He has the experience, skill and tact this procedure requires. There are many factors involved in achieving good results such as the size and type of needle used, type of solution and its concentration. Treatments can be done every four to six weeks. In subsequent treatments, legs are covered to reduce swelling and help with the healing process. At Hevia Cosmetic Dermatology we are committed to making you look and feel your best. Our Coral Gables office is in the heart of South Florida located near Miami Beach, Fisher Island, Bal Harbour shops, Coconut Grove and Brickell City Centre.

If you are interested in seeking a consultation with Dr. Hevia and his expert team, simply call 305-443-9977 or Schedule Appointment Today!
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