Preventing Miami Hair Loss

Hair loss is an embarrassing condition that many individuals, male and women go through. There are many causes for hair loss, some genetic and some that are influenced by life choices. No matter what the reason for hair loss, it is embarrassing. So why not take preventative measures to stop hair loss. Here are some preventative steps you should take if you are already experiencing hair loss, or think you might be in trouble in the near future.

1. The obvious preventative measure is to take care of your hair. But what does this mean? Well it means a few things. The first is to not overuse heating and drying procedures. Heat weakens hair proteins and can break your hair. Many women use blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons or a combination of the three. Doing this every day can seriously damage hair overtime. Dying your hair is another way to break your hair down. Especially if you go through the routine often this can severely damage hair for a lifetime. Also tight pulling of the hair or elastic bands are quick ways to damage the hair. Be careful when styling your hair.

2. Cut down on your stress. Stress can be damaging to the entire body, but especially the hair. Take a step back and make sure you are getting enough sleep and not stressing about the small things.

3. Watch your diet. A poor diet can contribute to hair loss directly or indirectly. Diabetes and a number of other diseases are caused by a poor diet, and can cause hair loss as a symptom. Even if you don’t get a disease from eating poorly, your hair, skin and the rest of your body can suffer from poor health measures.

If you take these preventative measures but still fear you might suffer from hair loss, it can be extremely beneficial to visit a Miami hair loss specialist who can help you evaluate your options. Oscar Hevia is a Miami cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in ways to rejuvenate the hair and cover up the signs of aging that can be associated with hair loss.

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