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Oscar Hevia, MD, cosmetic dermatologist and founder of The Hevia Center for Research, had a vision: to create a superior line of skincare products based on years of in-depth clinical research and extensive experience.

Concentrating his research on scientifically active ingredients to help prevent skin aging and encourage skin rejuvenation, Dr. Hevia sourced from living plants across the globe, focusing his quest and analysis on HEVIA MD SKIN SCIENCE… INGREDIENTS WITH A PURPOSE™. His research revealed unprecedented facts regarding the antioxidant properties contained in certain plant extracts.

Using innovative technology, Dr. Hevia applied his research to create HEVIA MD SKIN SCIENCE… INGREDIENTS WITH A PURPOSE™, a line of products with a proprietary, patent-pending, antioxidant extract derived from Red Mangrove and his own OH-XI Complex® (a proprietary blend of powerful anti-oxidants and peptides that protect the skin against environmental aging factors). Every product in the HEVIA MD® SKIN CARE line has been developed to focus on both PROTECTION and PREVENTION while also visually repairing the signs of aging.


Inspired by his patients’ needs, Dr. Hevia endeavored to create a unique, unmatched skin care line, formulated to achieve significant results. Early in his quest for plant-derived skin repair compounds, Dr. Hevia confirmed his initial theory that he would need to uncover “a powerful, yet undiscovered, antioxidant to achieve these goals.”

A native of Cuba and a long time resident of Florida, he looked to his heritage and surroundings for an answer. Mangroves are indigenous to the coasts of Florida and the Caribbean and play an important ecological role in maintaining the health of these coastal regions. The Mangrove tree is truly amazing in that it is able to thrive with its roots exposed, in direct sunlight, with limited fresh water, and by drawing nourishment from non-soil resources.

How could this resilient plant play a role in an anti-aging skincare product?

Through Dr. Hevia’s clinical research, he discovered that we can protect our skin and promote cellular health much in the same way the mangrove plant protects itself from the harsh elements. He also discovered the patent-pending, red mangrove extract has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which aid in soothing and healing the skin. Through a unique and proprietary extraction process, using Red Mangrove seedlings which are eco-logically grown and harvested exclusively, he was able to produce a powerful anti-aging antioxidant.

Thoughtful process, thoughtful products: Over 80% of the ingredients are organic and are harvested from sustainable resources. All packaging is eco-friendly and products are in travel ready sizes
for ease of use.

Dr. Hevia is a strong environmental supporter and respects the sustainability of this prized plant and other plants indigenous to the Florida region.  As a result, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the South Florida National Parks Trust to restore and replant trees crucial to the eco-system and floral identity of the Florida coast.