NewBeauty Magazine’s 2012 “Liquid Lift” Makeover Model Praises Dr. Oscar Hevia Expertise

(Miami, FL) April 4, 2012 – The latest NewBeauty Magazine Makeover issue features a “Liquid-Lift” by Miami-based Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Oscar Hevia and his adept techniques in non-surgical aesthetic anti-aging procedures.

The popular special issue showcases, The best age-defying transformations of real women and Hollywood’s hottest, along with the most prestigious makeover, and anti-aging experts in their respective fields.

Dr. Hevia’s model, Susie a 40+ mom from Miami was excited about being featured in the publication alongside famous celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Williams, Julianne Moore, Uma Thurman and others.

She recalls her experience with the noted cosmetic dermatologist.  “Dr. Hevia was great, he is such a perfectionist. And his office in Coral Gables is the most beautiful doctor’s office I’ve ever seen; it’s so serene like a spa.”

A highly respected physician, Dr. Oscar Hevia explains that squinty eyes, flat cheeks, and deep lines,  issues the patient and many middle aged women want to combat, arises from a lack of collagen, elastin, and fat loss over the years. In the before and after photos of the treatment (pg. 116), a dramatic difference can be seen with the “Liquid Lift” that Dr. Oscar Hevia performed utilizing an array of injectables to restore fullness and smooth out wrinkles.

The procedure consisted of Xeomin® to relax the squint muscles and smooth the skin, Restylane® to fill and lift sunken cheeks and Restylane® to fill the furrows resulting in a fuller, rested, and natural appearance.

“I am very pleased with the results from the procedures,” exclaimed Suzie. “Family and friends would remark how great I looked.” Following the treatment Suzie was on a cruise when she ran into a former boyfriend she hadn’t seen in twenty-years, his remark was “Wow, you haven’t aged a bit!”

Dr. Hevia explains how that is the goal of a successful “liquid lift”, “It’s not to change the look of the face but rather to stop the aging process, allowing one to look refreshed and mimic how they appeared 10 to 20 years before.”

With the issue out on newsstands, Susie’s secret will be out.  But she is fine with that; she even has copies on her coffee table to show off the feature spread to her friends. She plans to return to Dr. Hevia in the future.

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