“The Spotted Egg”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spotted brown chicken egg at the grocery store. Nonetheless, I thought
Clinique did a great job using that image to highlight their new product for fading brown spots: Better
Than Ever Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. Moving beyond the catchy ad copy, I am curious as to the
effectiveness of this product.

The ad states that “clinical trials” show this product is “comparable” to “leading prescription-strength
treatment” and further boasted that it resulted in a “53% improvement in skin tone” with continued use
for twelve weeks. Of course, these claims tweaked my interest.

I contacted Clinique’s American Consumer Care Center for more information. Although they were
not willing to provide me with any information regarding the “clinical trials”, they did reveal that
the “prominent prescription ingredient” in this product is hydroquinone.

Will this product really work “better than ever” for fading brown spots? Well, short of conducting
my own 12-week trial, I don’t have enough information to know. First, we don’t know how high a
concentration of hydroquinone this product contains. If their product contains less than prescription-
strength quantities, its effectiveness may be questionable.

I have worked with many patients over the years to diminish age spots or acne discoloration marks,
utilizing products that contain prescription-strength hydroquinone. I say diminish rather than remove
because age spots are typically resistant to treatment. However, utilizing prescription strength
products, my patients have experienced satisfying results.

Secondly, according to the ingredient label, the Clinique product contains a number of botanical extracts
and anti-oxidants, some of which have been associated with brown spot reduction. Unfortunately, it’s
hard to tell if these ingredients are present in concentrations significant enough to work effectively.

Lastly, what does 53% improvement in skin tone really mean? In my practice experience, fading brown
spots by half (as determined by casual observation) would definitely leave my patients wanting more.
If you’re using this product and would like to share your results, feel free to post your comments for
others who might be curious about your results.

Regardless, I’m glad this product came out. If nothing else, it gets people talking about brown spots .
They’re not easy to fade, and even harder to remove permanently even with preventative measures
such as sunscreen use, sun-avoidance, lasers, fading creams, etc. As for me, I’ll never look at a brown
egg the same again!

Dr. Hevia is a top Miami cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in natural results in beautiful skin.

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