Indoor Tanning Dangers and Miami Cosmetic Dermatology

Our society is, undoubtedly, obsessed with the idea of being tan. Whether it is with bronzing make-up, lotions infused with bronzing make-up, spray-on tans, base bed tanning, or, more “naturally” laying out under the sun, people will do anything to achieve the look of a sun goddesses. And when we say anything, we mean it.

miami cosmetic dermatology

The tanning industry experiences an estimated revenue of $5 billion every year, simply because everyone is searching to achieve a bronzed look. However, indoor tanning is extremely dangerous, and the ultraviolet rays emitted from indoor tanning beds have been linked to cause melanoma, the scariest and deadliest form of skin cancer. First time exposure to an indoor tanning bed increases a user’s chances of developing melanoma by 74 percent.

Skin cancer is a serious form of cancer that many people in our society should fear because, more than likely, most people have tried using an indoor tanning bed at least once in their lifetime. Even if you haven’t, getting your skin or any suspicious moles checked is important and should be done frequently in order to prevent skin cancer and catch any early forms before it becomes serious.

Located in one of the sunniest states, Dr. Oscar Hevia, Miami cosmetic dermatologist, performs many different services such as laser hair removal, Botox, as well as skin cancer screening and mole exams. Dr. Hevia performs full-body screenings to check for any signs of skin cancer that may not visible to the naked eye. Birthmarks, for example, may sometimes develop into skin cancer. Dr. Hevia performs biopsies on any suspicious moles or skin patches to ensure they are not malignant. And, for any patients who have been diagnosed with skin cancer, Dr. Hevia specializes in different treatments for skin cancer surgery.

People need to know the harmful effects of tanning before they do anything to achieve that bronzed look. Dr. Hevia is a Miami cosmetic dermatology specialist who cares for his patients and their skin’s health and strives to protect the skin from damage. For more information on Dr. Hevia’s services, visit

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