What the Press is Saying

Feedback from the Media about HEVIA MD SKIN SCIENCE Products…





BeautyintheBag.com: “Dr. Oscar Hevia, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist practicing in Coral Gables, Florida, knows the importance of at-home skincare as well in-office procedures to keep skin looking youthful and radiant.”





GouldyLoxReviews.com (regarding the Hand & Body Cream): “This cream got rid of my eczema, healed my dry, cracked skin and made my cuticles look human again. I can’t say enough about how this cream transformed my hands! If you could roll around in a vat of it, I would highly suggest it.”




BrownBombshellBeauty.com (after using the Luminous Day Treatment, Hand & Body Cream and Potent Repair Serum): “My skin’s moisture levels balanced out and my skin tone is noticeably more even toned. I’m definitely a fan!”

“The environment breaks down our skin every day, so the nourishing antioxidant properties of the red mangrove extract acts as an anti-inflammatory, wound healer and antiseptic. All great elements when it comes to healing and soothing skin!”




Examiner.com: “The only product I put over these are a sunscreen. I don’t need any makeup, my skin has a healthy glow and feels fabulous! I am very impressed and feel Hevia MD Skin Science will be an important part of my skincare regimen.”




StyleApothecary.Onsugar.com (regarding the Hand & Body Cream): “I can visibly see a difference on the driest areas, knees, feet and elbows.. The moisture is instant.. I can see how quickly the cream quenches and brings my skin back to life all while feeling invisible and completely weightless on my skin.”





SuperGlamNews.com (regarding the Luminous Day Treatment):I’ve been using this daily for two weeks now, and I really do see a difference in the pigmentation of my skin. I naturally have a lot of redness on my cheeks, kind of like a permanent rash, and it has diminished drastically since I’ve been using this product.”





HudsonMOD: “The doc’s skincare lineup is unique, concise and effective, centering on The Specialist Potent Repair Serum and his patent-pending extracts of Red Mangrove seed.”



SparkleCore.com: “I’m currently testing several products from this line and I think love is the perfect word to describe it so far! Created by Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Oscar Hevia this line is truly an innovative delight.”




SecondCityStyle.com (regarding the Luminous Day Treatment): “One of the best surprises of this process, I had never heard of this brand before but quickly realized how great it is, especially when paired together. This creamy, milky moisturizer is post-serum and pre-SPF and it does instantly brighten and luminize the skin as well as soften and firm. The perfect combo!”





DansHamptons.com: “I started to use some amazing skincare products recently called Hevia Skin Science, created by Oscar Hevia, MD. Over the last several weeks, my skin has been totally rejuvenated and already feels years younger.”

“Dermatologist and skin expert, Oscar Hevia, MD has really made a breakthrough in the science of skin care, this superior line of luxury products will definitely slow down and repair the aging process.”