Radio Frequency: Face, Neck, Jawline and more

Whether you live in Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach or are just visiting Florida for a couple of days, you should take advantage and get a skin tightening treatment before you return. “Radio-frequency” is a hi-tech-sounding buzzword (especially in Miami) that gets thrown around more and more each year. Although trends come and go, there is a machine that seems to continue to provide measurable results.  The Lumenis Aluma with FACES technology works by creating a controlled volume of heated tissue in the dermis (deeper skin layers). The Radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin’s tissue, heating the treatment areas and stimulating collagen production.

What can you expect?  You will feel a gentle vibration as well as cooling and heating sensations during each pulse. The new collagen that is formed plumps and smooths the skin, making it appear more youthful.

As new, “younger” structured collagen is laid down, the skin looks tighter, firmer and more youthful. A treatment typically takes only 15 to 20 minutes depending on treatment area. The most popular area to treat is the face but rest assured you can target specific areas such as the jaw line, neck, eye lids, abdomen, arms and much more. Patients can immediately return to work and their normal daily activities.

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