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Jowl Treatments in Miami

There are many things that come along with aging. There are health risks in the heart and lungs as well as other parts of the body, these are risks that you cannot see. There are other more noticeable signs of aging, the dreaded wrinkles. Many people start experiencing wrinkles when they are in their 20s, some are lucky and do not experience these marks until later years. But as the aging continues, these fine lines and wrinkles no longer become the main focus of worry.

There are other skin elements that come with aging. One of these problems is the sagging of the lower face which is known as the jowls. As people age, their skin start to sag and the chin and jaw area become less defined. This is one of the main problems that women and men as they age complain about. This is not something that can be avoided. As people get older the skin loses elasticity and collagen which causes it to fall and sag in places that people don’t want it to.

Luckily there is a fix for this annoying problem. There are treatments that will help reduce this appearance of sagging and which will add more elasticity and collagen to the skin in these areas. Cosmetic Dermatologists constantly work to perfect the skin and make people more comfortable in their skin. Oscar Hevia offers a number of jowl treatments Miami residents can use to feel more comfortable in their skin.

Jowl treatments use to only consists of invasive procedures like surgical face lifts, but over the years technology has progressed and there are now more less invasive ways to help the sagging of this skin. Oscar Hevia, a Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist offers these procedures to his clients.  He not only provides jowl treatments Miami residents will love but also treatments such as Botox Miami locals trust and hair removal.