Beauty Secrets before slipping on your new shoes

Did you know that wearing shoes with high heels can cause undue pressure on the legs and constrict blood flow back to the heart? This can then result in varicose veins in your legs and feet.

TIP #1 – Rid yourself of unwanted spider/varicose veins to give your legs a smooth appearance:

Asclera, the latest FDA approved treatment is a sclerosant and medical application to treat uncomplicated spider veins found in the leg, foot or ankle. Proven to be more effective, less painful and does not carry some of the risks of traditional treatments.

How can I reduce and/or eliminate spider veins:
Asclera joins hypertonic saline, as another option for minimizing the appearance of spider veins. Unlike hypertonic saline, Asclera treatments do not produce a painful stinging sensation or predispose to the rare risk of ulceration.

How long does it take to see results:
Clearing of the spider veins is seen 1-2 months after treatment and most patients need 3-4 treatments for total clearing.

How much does it cost:
The cost per treatment is generally around $500.

TIP #2 – Tired Feet? Try Botox in your soles…and now your toes for more cushion:
Fillers are injected (by some podiatrists) into the heels of the feet for heel pain, which is definitely aggravated by high heels! This often times includes silikon, (as well as other non-permanent fillers.) Lately women have shown insecurities about their toes, which can be fixed by plumping with fillers, for those long, skinny toes. It also helps for comfort when seeking closed-toe shoes

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