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Top Kybella Expert in Miami

Bothered by extra fullness beneath your chin? Sometimes, even with diet or exercise, the unwanted fullness beneath your chin may not go away.  Board certified and top cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Oscar Hevia, performs the new FDA-approved Kybella, to diminish your double chin.

When injected into the fat beneath the chin, Kybella permanently destroys fat cells. Your body’s natural metabolism then processes the fat cleared from the treatment area. Once the fat cells are gone, you’re left with a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin. Results can be noticed with as little as one treatment with minimal downtime.

Say goodbye to your double chin! Click here or call (305) 443-9977 to schedule your appointment today! Our Coral Gables office is conveniently located in the heart of South Florida near Miami International Airport, Miami Beach, Fisher Island, Bal Harbour Shops, Coconut Grove and Brickell City Centre.

Kybella double chin before and after

Why Exfoliating is an Important Part of Your Skin Regimen

There are many people who don’t practice exfoliation when they should. Exfoliation is a skin treating routine that should be done weekly to remove dead surface skin and rejuvenate the cells on the skins surface. Exfoliation is a great way to make your skin healthier and brighter, but it can also be a simple and easy solution to many skin problems. Dirt and oil can get clogged in pores all over the body, this dirt and oil can turn into blemishes and other flaws that you don’t want to see. Exfoliation is a way to remove this and take preventative measures. There are many reason why exfoliation should be part of your summer skin regimen, here a few.

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It unclogs your pores.

Over the summer, the weather gets warmer and people are typically outside more. This means they are sweating more and are exposed to more dirt and debris blowing around. It isn’t uncommon for acne problems to flair up in the summer. By exfoliating regularly you can remove the dirt from these pores and prevent the blemishes that want to appear.

It helps with self tanning.

If you exfoliate before you add color to your skin it can help the color last longer. On almost every bottle of self tanner you will find, the directions will tell you to exfoliate well before applying. Removing the dead skin will help the tanner sink into moist and clean skin, making its effects better and last longer.

It is an anti aging regimen.

Exfoliation has been proven to make the skin look younger and smoother. Many people are worried about sun exposure during the summer because the effect it may have on their skin. If you keep exfoliating you will help the skin prevent wrinkling and damage.

These are only three reasons why you should exfoliate this summer, there are plenty more. Keeping your skin soft and supple should be a priority, for health and wellness. If you are continuing to have skin problems that exfoliation is not helping with, Oscar Hevia is a dermatologist in Miami who can help you figure out the problem. Get soft clear skin and keep it that way.

The Best Things About Summer

Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist Oscar Hevia can give you advice and help you keep your skin safe this summer. Check out his new product line for skin soothing and cleansing product that will have your face feeling better than ever.

Get Your Legs Summer Ready

It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is racing to get smooth, bronzed and beautiful. Summertime brings swimsuits, dresses, short skirts and sunshine. Since more skin will be showing it is now the time to start worrying about how you want that skin to look. Everyone wants gorgeous skin, but how are you going to get it this summer? Here are some quick steps to getting those long legs ready for the summer sunshine.

1. Exfoliate. This is a must when you are trying to get soft and smooth skin. This is the first step to getting those perfect and flawless legs. Your skin won’t have the chance to look dull if you exfoliate on a regular basis. It will also prevent ingrown hairs, which is something you don’t want showing in those awesome new shorts.

2. Self-Tan. Tanning beds have become a big no no. Although some people choose to partake in harmful UV rays, there is a better way. There are tons of great self tanners out there that will you have glowing in no time. Just make sure to find one with great reviews and to rub it all the way in. Not only will it give you the beautiful bronze it will also help camouflage any imperfections in the skin.

3. Waxing or hair removal. However you want to remove the hair from your legs is up to you, but there are a few ways that are better than others. Shaving is the most common way, but no one wants nicks and cuts on their legs while at the pool, and no one wants to repeat this step every day this summer. Waxing or laser hair removal are more permanent suggestions that will have you feeling smooth and not stubby. Laser hair removal Miami is the most permanent way, after a few of these procedures, you will no longer have to worry about the touch up and hair on your legs and other areas.

These are three very important steps to getting your legs summer ready and keeping them summer ready. Let people gawk at your long, lean, smooth legs this summer. Remember…three simple steps can take you a long ways. There’s no excuse not to follow these easy beauty tips.

Oscar Hevia can help you get summer ready with laser hair removal and other cosmetic treatments that will have you looking and feeling your best this season.

Preventing Miami Hair Loss

Hair loss is an embarrassing condition that many individuals, male and women go through. There are many causes for hair loss, some genetic and some that are influenced by life choices. No matter what the reason for hair loss, it is embarrassing. So why not take preventative measures to stop hair loss. Here are some preventative steps you should take if you are already experiencing hair loss, or think you might be in trouble in the near future.

1. The obvious preventative measure is to take care of your hair. But what does this mean? Well it means a few things. The first is to not overuse heating and drying procedures. Heat weakens hair proteins and can break your hair. Many women use blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons or a combination of the three. Doing this every day can seriously damage hair overtime. Dying your hair is another way to break your hair down. Especially if you go through the routine often this can severely damage hair for a lifetime. Also tight pulling of the hair or elastic bands are quick ways to damage the hair. Be careful when styling your hair.

2. Cut down on your stress. Stress can be damaging to the entire body, but especially the hair. Take a step back and make sure you are getting enough sleep and not stressing about the small things.

3. Watch your diet. A poor diet can contribute to hair loss directly or indirectly. Diabetes and a number of other diseases are caused by a poor diet, and can cause hair loss as a symptom. Even if you don’t get a disease from eating poorly, your hair, skin and the rest of your body can suffer from poor health measures.

If you take these preventative measures but still fear you might suffer from hair loss, it can be extremely beneficial to visit a Miami hair loss specialist who can help you evaluate your options. Oscar Hevia is a Miami cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in ways to rejuvenate the hair and cover up the signs of aging that can be associated with hair loss.